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Took the wrong bus. Honestly not disappointed. View high resolution

Took the wrong bus. Honestly not disappointed.

So I had the opportunity to shoot with Ken Devo who’s a great model and happens to do parkour/engineering (how cool is that?). It didn’t occur to me until he showed up that I had never shot with a male model that wasn’t already an established friend, so I got a little nervous and forgot to turn the ISO down. Dismay abound.

My rookie mistake made all of the pictures incredibly grainy but I started to like it when I converted them to black and white. Ken is such a great model to work with that he can pull off that gritty/dangerous vibe with ease. Still going through and editing the batch, but I think I’m going to pull a Bob Ross as call this one a “happy mistake”. The graininess is something I wouldn’t have normally tried and it turned out pretty well!

Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages.
— Clayton Steele (via observando)

I got the chance to shoot with my friend Trevor last Saturday and we went to the beach by the Marina. Despite the fact that it was a nice day, the water was still freezing but we braved it anyway. Between each shot, he kept making me laugh because the waves were getting bigger and bigger and hitting him. Eventually we just gave up and accepted our cold fate. (Sorry Trevor)

In any case, I’m excited how these turned out! He is such a great model to work with and does makeup better than most of the people I know. I’ll probably continue to edit the rest of the series and put it up on my Flickr page.

I desire the things which will destroy me in the end.
— Sylvia Plath (via observando)

Yesterday was pretty packed full of shooting. One of the shoots I did was with Carol, a PhD in Robotics and Engineering, who was modeling for betabrand's Spring line and it was a blast (obviously). I'm happy I got to be a part of a project like this. Instead of pulling models for their clothing, they picked exclusively women with PhDs. I can get behind that.

Check out more about Betabrand’s spring line and what the whole PhD conundrum is here. See more of the pictures from the shoot, check out my Facebook page.